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Crêpafé - A Recipe for Success

If you are looking for a franchising opportunity that is unique and versatile, offers low set up costs, and is easy to operate, then you have come to the right place! The Crêpafé product and franchise system so that it offers numerous products and business advantages, and can be readily adapted and exported to anywhere in the world!

Care to Crêpafé anyone?

A versatile concept you looking for a tried and true recipe for business success? Why not become a Crêpafé franchisee? With full support from Discover the numerous product Crêpafé is a unique casual dining franchise that was introduced by someone’s name in location and year.

Although crêpes are originally French, they are popular worldwide and are enjoyed as both a sweet treat and a savory dish. It is the filling that can clock-turn the meal from breakfast to lunch, to dessert or dinner!

Made from the finest ingredients that are carefully chosen, our crêpes make up a very healthy and fast meal that can be enjoyed with both hot and cold beverages, in house or take-away.

Thus, crêpes being a healthy meal that can be consumed anytime through day only adds to the franchisees’ profitability and ensures minimum food wastage.

Come and join the team!

The concept can be adapted to suit locations such as malls, kiosks, street cafés and mobile units due to its modernity and simplicity.

Initially Crêpafé began as a small shop then evolved to kiosks of around 30 sqm in shopping malls. Since then, it has progressed to full Cafés (between 85 to 250 sqm) in shopping malls or street locations where a great deal of focus is placed on comfort, ambiance and overall quality of the customer experience.

We strive to make Crêpafé experience memorable that will spark the beginning of a lasting relationship of loyalty and mutual satisfaction.


Franchise developers at Crépafé not only have

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