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Product Advantage

Crépafé Business Advantage

Welcomed by Mall Operators

Crepafe's concept has numerous  advantages, notably shopping  malls welcome our concept because they see that we add value  to their tenancy that result in giving mall visitors pleasurable and unique experience. Although based on a food offering that dates back centuries, the versatility of this simple food is yet to be fully explored, and, to be perfectly honest, with proper training it’s also flippin’ easy to make crêpes! As well as being simple to master our core product.

Crêpafé concept is one that is warmly welcomed by shopping malls because Crêpafé’s fresh, unique, and entertaining offering adds value to the tenant mix.

The preparation of our food doesn’t result in offensive waste or give off cooking smells that require expensive exhaust systems - actually it is quite the contrary; Malls embrace the delectable smell of Crêpafé which only makes their shoppers’ experience even better!

Low Food Cost & Limited Wastage

Simply Adaptable

Crêpafé concept has been designed to adapt to a wide range of locations and situations. The concept can be developed as a full size cafe or kiosk. The full size café would usually be well positioned as a "star" café in a major shopping mall, The well placed at a shopping mall preferably at the entrance, at an intersection of many alleys at the entrance of the Food Court, or at a busy intersection away from the Food Court.

Crêpafé will have very limited competition as the majority of similar offerings do not place crêpes at the center of their offering or prepare them in the same theatrical manner, using different preparation and cooking techniques. Crêpafé is one of the only authentic crêperies in the world that has a franchising model that has truly global appeal.

Low Food Cost & Limited Wastage

Limited Competition