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About us

Crepafe was founded to be unique! its concept is based on both the traditional French Creperie's & gourmet coffee shops .. the combination of Crepe & Coffee lead to the creation of our Crepafe ( crepe + cafe ) to create a unique trade mark

Our product offering although based on Crepes mainly but includes tastes & flavors from around the world to appeal to ....

While our design reflect Crepafe's modern take creating comfortable ambiance that reflect the concepts positioning as a all-day-cafe destination


Our Concept

Delightfully Different
Fabulously French

The Crêpafé is acsual crêperie Cafe,all day dining destination that serves an irresistible range of sweet and savoury crêpes, pancakes, waffles,and omelettes as well as its own special blend of coffee and specialty drinks, all in a comfy café setting yet modern cafe ambiance.

A modern take on the traditional French crêperie, Crêpafé offers customers a delightfully different café experience. We begin by tempting you with the irresistible aroma of our golden crêpes floating around our cosy café. Once inside Crêpafé, enjoy a theatrical display as your crêpe is cooked, fat-free on a hot round griddle using only the finest and freshest ingredients –all right there in front of your eyes! pair a carefully crafted coffee or cold specialty beverage and, change the word- you have a delicious meal that will satisfy any craving, night or day!


Although crêpes are originally French, they are popular worldwide and are enjoyed as both a sweet treat and a savory dish. It is the filling that can clock-turn the meal from breakfast to lunch, dessert or dinner! Because they can be consumed any time of the day, and are made fresh to order, the Crêpafé concept is a unique way of dining that the world is simply flipping for!

Since the birth of Crepafe concept it has been carved a unique niche market for itself by focusing on high quality ingrediants for made-to-order, traditional savoury and sweet crêpes, waffles, pancakes and omelettes.